Hi! Welcome to MY WORLD.


I am a multimedia artist. I'm interested in
capturing the stories around me as I see them,
pushing limitations of 'obsolete' technology
and exploring the intersection between
architecture, infrastructure and nature

How did you find yourself here?

Did I walk into your vacuum cleaner repair shop
and ask to interview you about
the history of your business?

Did we meet at your friend's band's show
because you saw me filming?

Are we close, and you're just being
a good friend / family member,
checking on your pal / flesh & blood's corner of the 'Net?

I wonder.


PROJECTS (anything marked with a * is hosted offsite)


coolpixdump / my world
(2018 - present) *

A photo diary.

los angeles
(2017 - 2022)

Selected images from my time
in the City of Angels.


(2024 - present) *

Sometimes I write about photography
for this blog.

plum digest
(2024 - present)

A place for my writing on everything else.


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